CYCLOSHARE is a Miami-based company specializing in design, development, manufacture and operation of public bicycle sharing programs and systems.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, CycloShare is a pioneer of large-scale bike sharing in North America and is leading the way for municipalities and other entities seeking a sustainable form of alternative public transportation. Our team has developed a range of bike sharing programs and continues to bring new systems into action.

Our staff is dedicated to creating the most efficient system according to your needs. Our process is to study your location, market, and needs in order to design a system to meet your requirements.

Our belief is that a city full of healthy, fit and green-thinking citizens is a happier city. We have seen how traffic has diminished, and people are happier when they have the option of riding a bike to get to their destination. We are committed to being a part of this worldwide trend that is making our planet a more livable place by reducing the use of fossil fuels and depending more on greener ways of mobility while providing an amenity for small to large communities.

CycloShare can facilitate all bicycle sharing program needs:

  • Large-scale Bikeshare Program Operations Management
  • Manufacture, Assembly and Maintenance of Bicycles
  • Maintenance, Redistribution and Installation/Redeployment of Assets
  • Bikeshare Marketing Programs
  • Community outreach
  • Funding strategies
  • Permitting & System Installation

CycloShare, LLC is the exclusive distributor and affiliate company for DecoBike systems, as well as a funding partner for various bike share programs, including the following:

  • DecoBike San Diego
  • CitiBike Miami Beach (formerly DecoBike Miami Beach).
  • CitiBike Miami
  • DecoBike Long Beach
  • DecoBike Bay Harbor Islands
  • DecoBike Surfside

Our Philosophy

At CycloShare we believe that a comprehensive and independent approach is key to a successful bike sharing system. Rather than rely on government subsidies to create financial sustainability, we use careful business planning, market analysis, and innovative implementation strategies to create a self-sustaining and prosperous bike share system.

Components of our business model include:

  • Forward thinking vision for a dynamic transportation environment
  • Strategic planning
  • Strong government partnership
  • Community participation
  • Opportunities for committed sponsorship and advertiser support

A Synergy of Parts Working Together…

Our programs are designed to facilitate a high level of engagement, support, and participation from the city and other local government agencies and community groups to launch, manage, and maintain a successful bike share program. This allows us the confidence of a strong strategic vision when planning station locations, particularly their proximity to points of interest, density, connectivity, and visibility.