Bike sharing programs are the new modern way of getting around. Designed to move cities, universities and corporate campuses quicker and more efficiently than ever before, bike sharing systems are quickly changing how millions of people around the globe go about their day. Whether it’s commuting to work, running errands or simply enjoying a nice bike ride for exercise, automated bike sharing programs fulfill all those needs in a very efficient manner. It’s convenient, easy to use and it’s ‘green’ transportation at its best.

From large city-wide systems to the small corporate programs, bike sharing programs accomplish the goal of improving the quality of life for communities while easing traffic and parking congestion with reliable and sustainable transportation.

The CycloShare Team is comprised of a group of dedicated and experienced industry pioneers who developed some of the earliest forms of bike sharing programs. After years of development and launching a variety of programs CycloShare continues to expand into new and exciting locations that are ready to experience the benefits of bike sharing.

We design, customize, deploy, train and manage bike share systems, giving people the benefits of owning a bike without all the hassle. Let us make your community’s life easier and healthier.